All Entrees are served with a dinner roll and your choice of two sides. Grilled onions, mushrooms or green peppers are available as add-ons.

Add the following to any entree

Grilled onions, mushrooms or green peppers $1.09 each or all three for $2.99


Applesauce $.99, Asparagus $3.49, Baked Potato $3.49, Bread Stick $.99, Broccoli $2.49, Coleslaw $2.49, Cup of Soup $4.29, Fries $2.99, Home Fries $3.49, Loaded Twice-Baked Potato $3.49, House-Made Chips $1.99, Rice Pilaf $3.49, Small Side Caesar $3.99, Small Side Salad $3.99, Tater Ballz $2.49, Onion Rings $3.99, Tortilla Chips $1.99


Salad Dressings $.79, Wing Sauces $.79, Sour Cream $.79, Salsa $.79, French Onion Chip Dip $1.49, Side of Queso $1.49

Load Any Spud

 Add Queso, bacon bits and green onions to your fries or tater ballz $1.49.  

Add cheddar cheese, green onions and real bacon bits to your baked potato $1.49.

Add cheddar cheese, onions and green peppers to your home fries $1.49